About Us

Jeito is an Australian consulting firm founded by Martin Gray in 2001 with a focus on improving corporate governance.

From his early involvement  in the development of compliance system software,  it became apparent that compliance was only part of effective corporate governance and that  it was up to individual boards to decide on the governance arrangements most appropriate to their company’s circumstances.

How best to achieve this?  First begin by helping the board evaluate its performance.

In 2004, Board reviews were costly to administer, time consuming to participate in,  and delivered variable outcomes. The time was ripe for automation and so the first of Jeito’s Web based, Board reviews was launched.

Since then Jeito has gone global,  reviewing more than 200 Boards across Australia and the UK and looking for further overseas opportunities.

Jeito has also added a number of additional  on-line services such as an induction training course in corporate governance principles, employee surveys and, using the board reviews to initiate an innovation dialogue,  provides a facilitated innovation workshop.

About the Jeito Name


‘Jeito’ (pronounced ‘J2′ ) is Brasilian/Portuguese slang meaning “the knack,” which sums up our vision to find the right solution to our client’s needs.