Jeito Board Reviews

Our Beliefs

  • Boards, like all teams, should be regularly evaluated against specific objectives
  • An engaged and effective Board can have a positive influence on organisational performance
  • The review process should be an engaging and educational experience
  • The Web provides a cost effective and anonymous environment
  • Reviews should conclude with actionable intervention plans

Our Technology

Jeito uses Web technology, what we call our virtual consultant, to allow us to deliver cost effective reviews that are easy for Board members to participate in, from their home or offices and are accessible through laptop, desktop and mobile computers.

Our Surveys

We offer a range of surveys and the purpose of this many-instrument approach is to present different contexts and perspectives to the respondents with the view to prompting the articulation of unspoken tacit insight. Surveys include:-

  • Performance of the Board as a group
  • Performance of the Board’s committees by members of those committees
  • Performance of each director by their peers
  • Performance of the Board Chair
  • Performance of the CEO/GM
  • Estimated Board skill gaps based on self-assessments by directors of their own skills

Our Analysis

  • Our Survey Content. Reviewing boards in Australia and internationally over two decades has allowed us to evolve standard content for a range of sectors. However, the content of our surveys is fully tailorable to the needs of each of our clients.
  • Quantitative Rankings. The Board Review instruments contain 5-point Likert ranking scales, which  use statistical measures of mean, mode and standard deviation to analyse the data.
  • Free Text Qualitative Comments. These are confidential and allow the participants to surface issues and insights, clarify their rankings and provide suggestions for improvement in the interventions plan
  • Benchmarks Comparisons. Against other Boards reviewed by Jeito,  in comparable market sectors, and which can provide a useful reference point against which our clients can assess their results.