Jeito Reviews for Financial Services Boards

Martin Gray’s Jeito has been Reviewing Boards for the Past  2 Decades

Martin Gray has been a pioneer in the facilitation of his Jeito, on-line Board reviews across Australia and the UK since his first review of the Intech credit union Board in 2004. During this time, he has reviewed more than 200 for profit, not-for-profit and co-operative boards including 35 Australian credit unions.

A Time of Opportunity & Threats for the Customer Banking Sector

Opportunities  provided by the media negativity view of the majors, in the reporting of the Banking Royal Commission and other media.”this is generating an enormous number of enquiries and a lot people wanting to switch over from the majors to the customer bank sector. People are disenfranchised and disappointed with what they are reading and realise there is a viable alternative which is customer focused” (Mike Lawrence CEO of COBA Reported in the Australian Newspaper 12-12/5/2018)

Threats including generational low interest rates, rise of software as a service leading to massive drops in technology costs, Regulators adapting their licensing regimes to accommodate entrepreneurs, a new type of customer who is digitally savvy likes to experiment demands convenience and shows no loyalty

To Meet the Challenges Boards Will Need to Regularly Review their Performance

“Your rigorous approach and specific questioning for answers, forced all of us to really consider how well we effectively or not effectively, operate as board members in a large range of required duties. This is a necessary approach for any board that aspires to operate at best practice level.”

In the words of Jeito Clients